National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Russia
Address: Russia, 111250, Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaya st., 14
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Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) — MPEI — was founded in 1930 in Moscow at the very beginning of world power engineering development and was widened and enlarged with the discovering of new energy sources, solving new scientific and technological problems, implementing of new methods of energy generating, distributing and consuming. MPEI is of the same age as Russian Power Engineering.

MPEI now is the largest Russian Power Engineering University and scientific center, one of the main universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computers Science. MPEI today is a unity of modern educational and scientific laboratories, cabinets and lecture halls supplied with modern equipment, installations, control and measuring systems and technical means of education. The MPEI has the official status of Technical University and is a Member of International Association of Universities being really international higher educational institution. In accordance with official rating of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation the MPEI holds one of the leading places in the list of all technical universities of Russia.

MPEI has a unique educational Heat and Power Plant which was the first plant of such type from those, which were built for Universities; Main Computer Center and many computer laboratories equipped with large, mini and personal computers; the Center of Video-Computer Methods of Teaching; Center of Distant Education; one of the largest university's Scientific and Technological Library; own Publishing Office and Publishing Division, which produce text-books, manuals, scientific literature; audio-video-computer Russian Language Center; large sport stadium, swimming pool, sport halls for students and professors



Other institution names:
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)
  • National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
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