Memorial House of Academician I.M. Vinogradov, Velikie Luki, Russia
Address: Russia, 182100, Velikie Luki, Stavskogo st., 48
Phone: (81153) 7-38-36
Fax: (81153) 7-29-62
Number of persons: 2

Personnel: Bobkina, Tatiana Gennad'evna
Ivanova, Svetlana Nikolaevna

Name of the outstanding mathematician of our time, the patriarch of Soviet science, a talented teacher, twice the Hero of Socialist Labour and Academician I.M. Vinogradov (1891-1983) is widely known in the scientific world. His contribution to the progress of number theory is fundamental, and he is accounted by rights as the largest expert in this area. More than one hundred and forty of his original works now are the treasures of the world's mathematical heritage.

Memorial House of Academician I.M. Vinogradov opened September 14, 1986 according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers "On the perpetuation of the memory of Academician I.M. Vinogradov" and is located in a restored his parents' house near the park with a bronze bust of I.M. Vinogradov established November 1, 1979. Distinctive features of the Memorial House consist in the fact that his historical and biographical exposition full of commemorative mini interiors and built on authentic objects and documents of the son of a hereditary priest.

The memorial fund includes a personal belongings and documents of various periods of scientistís life, Soviet and foreign awards, and part of the home library, a separate publication of scientific papers I.M.Vinogradov, gifts for anniversaries, objects and documents describing his hobbies. The museum can be traced not discrete and random moments, but the whole consistent reflection of the life and career of the original, the original, truly Russian man.

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