Gagarin Air Force Academy, Monino, Shchelkovskii raion, Moskovskaya obl., Russia
Address: Russia, 141170, Monino, Shchelkovskii raion, Moskovskaya obl.
Phone: +7 (495) 584 20 27
Fax: +7 (495) 526 33 51
Number of persons: 2
Number of authors: 4
Number of publications: 9

Personnel: Ageev, Andrey Mikhailovich
Zhirov, Aleksei Yur'evich

The Academy, founded in 1940, trains: highly skilled high-ranking commanders and chiefs of staff of air units; commanders of air logistics, communications and electronic support units; senior navigators of air units; staff officers of air force formations. The graduates of the Academy are officers with higher military education.

The Academy has gained great experience in training foreign servicemen. More than two thousand military specialists from 21 countries of the world graduated from the Academy. Many of them occupied and are occupying high-ranking positions in their national Armed Forces and they have contributed greatly to strengthening the defense capabilities of their states. Among the Academy's graduates are Air Force commanders of different countries and cosmonauts.

The Academy has highly experienced staff including 5 academicians, 17 Doctors and over 300 Masters of Military and Technical Sciences, 31 professors. All of them have great experience of work in command positions in the Russian Air Force.

The Academy is decorated with the Orders of the Red Banner and Kutuzov as well as seven orders of foreign states.

The Air Force Academy has modern educational and training facilities and provides accommodation for officers and their families.

The Academy is located 40 km to the east of Moscow in a picturesque place with a highly developed infrastructure.

The Academy possesses sports and recreation facilities. The well-known Russian Air Force Museum is on the territory of the Academy garrison, which is surrounded by a forest park. The Academy has close contacts with the Cosmonaut Training Center located not far from Monino.

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