Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia
Address: Russia, 129337, Moscow, Yaroslavskoe shosse, 26
Phone: +7 (495) 183 53 38, +7 (495) 183 33 74, +7 (495) 188 94 01
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Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, RussiaThe Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) was founded in 1921. Until 1993 it was known under the name of The Moscow Civil Engineering Institute (MISI).

Currently MGSU has 9 Faculties with 8000 undergraduate full-time students, 1600 part-time students and more than 500 postgraduate students, including more than 200 students from 39 foreign countries.

In compliance with the requirements of Construction Industry, MGSU has recently opened a number of new up-to-date specialisations in all faculties. Among them there are: Architecture and Designing; Restoration of Architectural Heritage; Safety of Buildings; Underground Structures; City Ecology; Urban and District Planning; Property Surveyor; Maintenance of Water Supply Systems; Ecology of Building Materials Production; Technology, Economics and Organization of Building Materials Production; Maintenance of Engineering Systems in Inhabited Areas; Management in Construction; Air Pollution Control; Utilization and Protection of Water Resources; Hydrosphere Protection and Water Resources Ecology; Management in Mechanization and Automation of Construction; Automation of Technological Processes, Building Machines and Equipment; Project Management.

The University has 61 Departments with 1300 teaching staff, including 65 Full and Corresponding Members of the Russian and International Academies of Science, 130 Doctors and 700 Candidates of Science , 140 Professors and 600 Associate Professors. MGSU has the State Accreditation to provide professional, surveying, design and engineering works for construction programs.

MGSU enrols foreign citizens on the basis of both bilateral intergovernmental agreements (the state budget order) and the applicant's own cost (individual agreement). They are granted accommodation on University campus.

Cost of tuition varies from 1000 to 2000 US dollars per one year depending on speciality, specialisation and the form of tuition.

An enrolment to the University is carried out by the Direction Letter from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (the state budget order) or by the results of interview (individual agreement).


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  • Moscow Engineering Building Institute
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