All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
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All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, RussiaAll-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences – Vserossiisky Institut Nauchnoi i Tekhnicheskoi Informatsii (VINITI).

VINITI the leading information centre in Russia and CIS countries has been supplying the world community with scientific and technical information since 1952.

The main task of VINITI is to provide information support to scientists and specialists of Russia in natural and technical sciences.

In order to do this, VINITI works along these directions:

It implements an analytical search in immense data flows of different kinds on natural and tecnichal sciences, receiving information from 100 countries in 60 languages. On that basis, it prepares about one million documents a year, presenting them both as printed publications and computer-readable databases.

It carries out basic research in the theory of information science, development of automatic preparation technologies for presenting a broad range of information products and services; organisation and methods for scientific information activities; scientific communications.

It develops new means of data searching.

It deposits scientific publications. Research activity in VINITI involves many thousands of scientists and other professionals from reserach institutes, laboratories and universities in Russia. Publishing and polygraphical activity in VINITI is implemented on the basis of the Printing and Publishing, Establishment of VINITI.

Financial support to VINITI is provided by Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies.

VINITI produces information products in printed and electonic form and publishes journals and special issues.

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