Belarussian State University of Computer Science and Radioelectronic Engineering, Belarus
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Belarussian State University of Computer Science and Radioelectronic Engineering, BelarusBelarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics is the national leader among education institutions of the Republic of Belarus training highly qualified professionals and scientists in the fields of informations science and radioengi-neering. Its high reputation and the status of an educational establish-ment of the university rank was acknowledged at the end of 1998 by the State Higher Education Institution Inspection of the Ministry of Education of Belarus. The primary objective of the University is working for the future prospects, for the coming 21st century, which is expected to bring absolute domination of information with its amazing technologies and possibilities in all spheres of our life. Thus, we all will have to face the problem of adaptation to the informational society, in which the information and scientific knowledge rather then matter and energy of vital importance. Nowadays, the prices of information, knowledge, skilled labour, highly qualified specialists in informational technologies are rapidly increasing in the global market. Therefore, BSUIR is certain to increase its significance as a research and educational centertraining engineers and scientists in the areas of information science, radioengineering and telecommunications.

The Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) was founded in March 15, 1964. In the national system of education of Belarus BSUIR plays a leading role in preparation of the engineering and scientific staff in the field of computer science, radioelectronics and telecommunications.

About 45 000 engineers, 800 PhD's and 70 Doctors of Science, successfully working in the most science-intensive fields of national economy, graduated from the University. The University employs 4 academicians and a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 55 professors, and 243 senior lecturers. Over 10 thousand students are mastering now 26 specialities, and about 200 out of them are foreign students.

BSUIR today is a large scientific and educational centre in Belarus. It has highly qualified staff, considerable scientific and methodological potential, advanced laboratory and informational infrastructure, all necessary conditions to organize teaching and educational process, scientific research, proper organization of labour, everyday life and leisure time of personnel and students.

The University incorporates 9 faculties; the Institute of Advanced and Conversion Training; Scientific and Research Centres; Master, and Doctorate Courses.


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  • Minsk Institute of Radio Technology
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