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Uppsala University, SwedenUppsala University is a leading research university where education grows out of research. In a great number of disciplines the University is on the international research front. Our long-term commitment is to maintain and reinforce our prominent position. This takes the form of bold commitments to high-caliber research and education.

Research is pursued in three Disciplinary Domains, across nine faculties: theology, law, arts, social sciences, languages, educational sciences, medicine, pharmacy, and science and technology. Consolidating, privileging, and collaborating are key concepts in the University's strategy for promoting quality development.

Uppsala University offers an impressive variety of programs. Students can choose among more than 40 programs of study and 1,800 single-subject courses. The foundation for excellence in education is research. Uppsala students have access to the very latest research findings but at the same time are immersed in a living cultural setting that builds on several centuries of tradition.

Research and education are stimulated and advanced by the encounter between differing disciplinary domains. We strive to create optimal environments for interdisciplinary research and education. Creative forums for research and education have now been put in place on several campuses in varying fields.

Uppsala University endeavors to strengthen the ties between the academy, business, and society. Uppsala is recognized in Sweden and abroad for its burgeoning new businesses.

Uppsala is the oldest university in the Nordic countries — founded in 1477. Its ancient traditions, advanced knowledge, and extensive experience provide a firm foundation for today?s operations.


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