Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, Russia
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Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, RussiaThe Volgograd State Pedagogical University is one of the major pedagogical Universities in the Russian Federation. There are four buildings on campus with 7708 students: 4993 full-time students, 2797 part-time students and 519 Russian and over 100 foreign students that study at their own expense.

The Structure of the University — 13 faculties: mathematics; physics natural sciences and geography; history; philology (Russian and literature); foreign languages; psychology and social work; physical training; engineering, handicrafts; primary school education; arts; faculty for foreign students; in-service training.

Besides, there are: a scientific research institute of personality-oriented education; an institute for in-service training; an affiliation in the town of Mikhailovka, which trains specialists in "Philology" and in "Pedagogics and methods of infant-school education".

The University is the central part of a scientific-pedagogical integrity (complex), which is made up of the Volgograd State Pedagogical University itself complemented by the Volgograd pedagogical college N 2, Mikhailovskiy pedagogical college, Volgograd industrial-pedagogical college, Man's pedagogical lyceum, gymnasium N 1, Humanitarian Institute, a private integrated school (PIS), a network of pedagogical classes in different districts of the region.

The University has 644 staff members among them: 54 doctors of Sciences and Arts, full professors 265 Candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 2 members of the PAE, 4 corresponding members of the Russian academy of aducation, 5 members of social academies of Russia.

Since 1991 the University is talking part in an experiment initiated by the Ministry of Education of RF to develop a concept of multy-level education and implement it at pedagogical universities. Up to date the University provides training of bachelors of education in 6 fields and specialists in 17 specialities. In 1996 1201 students graduated as teachers, among them 701 full-time and 509 part-time graduates.


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  • Volgograd State Pedagogical Institute
  • Volgograd State Pedagogical University
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