Chelyabinsk State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 454021, Chelyabinsk, Brat'ev Kashirinyh st., 129
Phone: +7 (351) 799 71 01
Fax: +7 (351) 799 97 67
Number of persons: 277
Number of authors: 309
Number of publications: 759

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Chelyabinsk State University, RussiaChelyabinsk State University was founded in 1976. Nowadays it is one of the leading educational, scientific and cultural centres of the Southern Urals.

The University's academic staff consists of 350 lecturers, including 2 academicans and 6 corresponding members of academies, 50 professors and doctors of science, 152 associate professors and candidates of science. There are 3270 full-time students, 1250 part-time and correspondence students. There was 450 people enrolled in 1996.

Now CSU consists of 11 educational faculties, 43 departments, scientific research institutes: Institute of Economics, Institute of Environmental and Human Problems, Chelyabinsk branch of the In-Service Humanities and Social Sciences Institute subsidiary to the Ural State University, which provides lectures with refresh courses in history, philosophy, study of culture, sociology, politics, social psychology, pedagogics and economics from universities of Chelyabinsk and from across the Southern Urals (during 2 years of existance 150 lectures recieved the New State Educational Standard Certificate). There is also well-known "Arkaim" centre, created as a result of an outstanding historical discovery, not ranking below the legendary discovery of Troy. At present CSU scientists engage in opening an Experimental Historic Landscape Reserve, prospectively, a National Park, equiped with a tourist centre and an exposition, open all round.

There is a Faculty of Access to Higher Educationat the University created to enhance people general education, culture and professionalism. The Faculty trains applicants for entering higher education institutions, develops new methods of colaboration with the People's Education Istitutions, enterprises and organizations dealing with professional personnel training.

The University has Publishing Centre, a Scientific and Technical Library. The laboratories and classrooms are well-equiped with most modern facilities; the dormitories provide comfortable rooms. There is a sanatorium, a sports camp at Maloye Miassovo Lake.

Scientific theses are presented to Six Specialised Councils, which enjoy the prerogative of awarding degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences. There is also a postgraduate department.

In recent years the University has gained an international recognition. CSU is member of International Universities' Association at UNESCO, European Access Netgroup and International Council for Distance Education. CSU shares tight scientific bonds with many European and American Universities, takes part in international programs (Tempus, ASE etc.)


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