Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
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Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, RussiaFaculty of Physics includes 7 divisions (experimental and theoretical physics, solid state physics, radiophysics, nuclear physics, geophysics, astronomy, and complimentary education), which fall into 38 chairs.

The faculty's staff consists of about 1400 employees including faculties, research and technical staff, and administration. Among faculties there are 26 and 235 members with PhD and DrSc (Doctor of Sciences) degrees, respectively, and over 100 full professors.

Research staff consists of 385 researchers among which 265 and 70 hold the PhD and DrSc degrees, respectively.

2,480 students are enrolled into various undergraduate and graduate programs and 380  tudent study on the PhD program. Every year we accept about 420 fresh students for the undergraduate programs and 130 more students for the PhD studies. Among them, 25%  of the graduates receive diploma with distinction and 70% of the PhD students get their PhD degrees.

The faculty maintains good links with the Russian Academy of Sciences — 25 faculty's professors are the academicians or the correspondent-members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Faculty's premises include several buildings totaling in the floor area of about 71,714 sq. meters.

The average annual number of scientific publications published by the faculties and scientific staff members exceeds 1,000 publications in regular scientific journals and over 3,000 conference publications at various Russian and international conferences.

Undergraduate and PhD students co-author one third of those publications. Annually, the Faculty of Physics organizes and sponsors 15 to 20 national and international meetings.


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