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Osaka University has supplied Japanese society with a great number of women and men of high talent. It is also well known and admired in the international community for its outstanding achievements in various scientific research fields. Having celebrated the seventieth anniversary of its foundation in May 2001, the university is enlisting all of its talent to take a bold leap forward. Our goal is to become a "university of world caliber" by advancing the university's decade-old motto "Live Locally, Grow Globally".

In the twenty-first century as information technology develops at a tremendous speed, globalization is also advancing into all areas of our lives. These phenomena necessitate both competition and cooperation on a global scale. In order to maintain its status as an advanced nation in this age of rapid change Japan must cultivate men and women capable of producing cultural and scientific results that will benefit the six billion people living on this planet. This is the social role and mission Osaka University must take up as an educational institution of world caliber.

What specific goals should Osaka University aim to achieve? Structural reform must take first priority. Osaka University, as a multi-disciplined center of learning, has long been dedicated to educating students so they may become citizens rich in both culture and dignity. Now, in addition, the university must focus on providing society with persons who are not only highly skilled, but are also well rounded and practical. To achieve this, students must be allowed to study in departments and take fields outside the faculty they belong to. In other words, it is necessary to create a better environment for both students and faculty members to enjoy their campus life and dedicate themselves to research and educational activities.

Cooperation and co-prosperity with local communities is the second goal of our mission. To establish a good relationship with the city of Osaka where it was born, the university has worked out a plan to build a third campus at Nakanoshima, in the heart of Osaka. The new campus will offer opportunities for intellectual information exchanges, education services and research activities to the citizens of Osaka and people from all over the country and the world. Concrete preparations are already under way to implement this plan.

The third goal for Osaka University to attain in its new outlook is to "Grow Globally". It is now preparing to employ educational and research systems that comply with the international standards adopted by first-rate colleges and universities all over the world. The university will open its doors to more international members in all its faculties, not just those concerned with language education, in order to encourage world-class scholars to join research activities at the university and promote many more international conferences and symposiums. This will help enhance the prestige of Osaka University throughout the world.

Students from 69 countries are currently studying at Osaka University. They represent nations in Asia, North America and Europe. We are also encouraging the dispatch of Japanese students from the university to overseas colleges and universities in order to further foster talented students with a global perspective.


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