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Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenThe Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), KTH, is responsible for one-third of Sweden?s capacity for engineering studies and technical research at post-secondary level. Our university has over 11,000 undergraduate students, 1,500 active postgraduate students and a staff of 3,100 people.

KTH conducts top-notch education and research of a broad spectrum — from natural science to all branches of technology, including architecture, industrial economics, urban planning, work science and environmental technology. Apart from research performed at our departments, a large number of competence centres are housed here at KTH and we contribute to another three national ones. Strategic research foundations are also funding other research programmes or graduate schools.

Studies at KTH can lead to a number of degrees — Architect, Master or Bachelor of Science, or Doctor/ licentiate in either science or philosophy. Continuing education is also an important part of our activities.

KTH is a public university, mainly funded by government grants.

It was founded in 1827 and is the largest of Sweden's universities of technology. Since 1917 KTH has been housed in central Stockholm in beautiful buildings which today have historical monument status, and associated colleges etc. are also found in various places in the Stockholm surroundings — Haninge, Kista, Södertälje.

In Kista, the main Swedish resource centre of information technology, KTH co-operates with Stockholm University, other research centres, and with industry.

Extensive co-education schemes are also carried out with a number of regional university colleges, where many of the MSc engineering students may complete their first two years before going to KTH in Stockholm.

KTH is an international institution with established research and educational exchanges all over the world, especially in Europe, the USA, Australia and Southeast Asia. Cooperation schemes with the Baltic states and Russia are on the increase. It is KTH?s ambition to play an even stronger role in the EU research programmes than today. Various joint efforts with the Swedish International Development Agency and other development bodies abroad are also part of our international programme.


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