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Institute for Advanced Study, School of Mathematics, United States of AmericaThe School of Mathematics is an international center of research and postdoctoral training in many diverse aspects of mathematics including pure mathematics, combinatorics, mathematical physics and applied mathematics.

Fifty to sixty mathematicians are invited to the School each year to study with the Faculty and to pursue research projects of their own. A small number of memberships for a longer period of time are also available. Funding for candidates comes from a variety of sources. Some mathematicians are funded by the Institute, others receive financial aid from their home institutions, and a portion receive grants from governments or foundations.

The School frequently sponsors special programs. However, these programs comprise no more than one-third of the membership so that each year a wide range of mathematics is supported.

Carlos Kenig will be the Distinguished Visiting Professor during the 2003–2004 academic year, and he will lead a program on analysis and non-linear PDEs.

During the academic year 2004–2005, the School of Mathematics will host a program on the Bloch-Kato conjecture relating Milnor's K-theory and the etale cohomology. The activities of the program will include two or more weekly courses which should cover the proof of the Bloch-Kato conjecture as well as two or more workshops on the related topic. The workshops are intended to provide an opportunity to discuss possible further applications of the techniques developed for the Bloch-Kato conjecture. We also expect to have some activity in the general motivic homotopy theory.

The School of Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University have established the Veblen Research Instructorship. The instructorship position is a three-year appointment with the first and third year spent at Princeton University and the second year at the Institute. A limited number of instructorships are offered each year to candidates who have received their Ph.D. within the last three years.

The School is grateful for the continued support of its programs by the National Science Foundation, the State of New Jersey and The Ambrose Monell Foundation.


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