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The Centre of Mathematics for Applications (CMA) was in June 2002 funded as a Centre of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway.

CMA is organised at the University of Oslo (UiO) as a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Offices for participants, guests, students, as well as most of the the seminar-activities, etc. will be localised in the Niels Henrik Abel building on the central campus of the university. This means that the centre is neighbouring the Department of Mathematics. The departments of Informatics, Mathematics, Physics and the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics are involved, with collaboration from SINTEF Applied Mathematics. There will also be participants (centre members) from the universities in Bergen and Trondheim.

In CMA a main idea is that ground-breaking research will depend on strong links between theory and applications. Classical theorists and numerical analysts with a strong commitment to theory are merged in the centre, the main focus being on topics which can lead to the future development of computational mathematics. The activity is built upon four pillars represented by different research areas, geometry, stochastic analysis, differential equations, and applications in the physical sciences, especially focusing the transboundary actions between these fields. The four pillars all represent strong activities at the University of Oslo today. Indeed the clear vision is that strong interaction between these fields will create a leading group in mathematics for applications, and significant research progress will arise as a result of a balance between theory, computation, and applications.

All together the centre counts 27 research members. Among the 27 researchers, 19 hold full time positions at the University of Oslo. The remaining 8 will in the near future be associated to the centre in adjunct positions which means that they will hold a 20% position in the centre itself and contribute to the centre activity on this basis.

In addition to the research itself, a major purpose of CMA will be the training of new researchers. This will not be a new situation for the members of the centre, since they have successfully supervised a large number of candidates during the past two decades. We expect that (at any time) the centre will have at least 15 young researchers in training as PhD-students or post doc candidates. Furthermore there will be a number of research guests, frequently research arrangements such as conferences, seminars and workshops of short and longer duration's This will make a strong and lively environment. Read more about the people here, and all our activities: seminars, conferences, projects etc. Use our left menu for a full overview.


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