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Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University, RussiaThe university (formerly an institute) was founded in 1930. On December, 13, 1930 the Council of People's Commissioners of the USSR decided: "To organize the Moscow Automobile-Road Institute on the basis of the road faculty of Moscow Railway Engineering Institute and the Supreme Road School".

When it was originally organized as an institute, MADI consisted only of two faculties (departments): Road-Building and Automotive, each of which worked under one chair of Road Affairs and Automobiles.

The university has been recognized on numerous occasions for its accomplishments since being established over 70 years ago. By the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued on December, 8, 1980, MADI was awarded the Labor Red Banner for the preparation of qualified experts for a national economy and the development of a science in this field. In 1988 it received the Friendship of Vietnam award.

╠└DI earned the status of Technical University in 1992. The formal name of the university was changed in 2001 from Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University — MADI to State Technical University — MADI. The name change was granted in recognition of the university's maturity, its position as a leading academic institution in the Russian Federation, and its expanding international mission.

State Technical University — MADI is one of the largest post — secondary institutions in Russia, and the leading scientific and methodical center on preparing students for engineering, bachelor's and master's degrees. It also produces highly trained individuals for the design of highways, bridges and airports; operation and maintenance of transport facilities; economic analysis and management of the transport system; and traffic safety.


  1. More than 10, 000 students receive training annually through daytime, evening and correspondence courses,
  2. Nearly 3, 000 specialists of various branches and teachers annually raise individual qualifications,
  3. 15 faculties (8 of which grant degrees) carry out preparation in 22 specialities, 9 directions of bachelor's and 4 directions of master's degrees,
  4. 57 chairs (23 of which grant degrees), over 90 laboratories, specialized cabinets, and a training and research center,
  5. 5 branches in cities outside Moscow: Bronnitsy, Makhachkala, Chelyabinsk, Smolensk and Cheboksary,
  6. Postgraduate studies in 26 specialities and 4 directions of doctoral degrees,
  7. More than 850 faculty members, including 183 professors and doctors of sciences, 533 senior lecturers and candidates of sciences, 22 honored workers of a science and engineering of Russia, 2 members of the Russian Academy of Science, 49 members of branch academies,
  8. Information technology center with modern computer equipment, internet access and 8 network display classes,
  9. Scientific and technical library with over 1 million publications, several reading rooms, library catalogue system, and a library for foreign citizens,
  10. Creative communications with many factories, enterprises, organizations, foreign firms, scientific research institutes and high schools in Russia and abroad,
  11. Russian monitoring committee on engineering pedagogics which focuses on psychological-pedagogical preparation and improvement of professional skill of teachers of technical colleges, formation of the international Register of teachers of universities of Russia,
  12. Center of innovations in engineering education,
  13. International training and methodical association on the motor, tractor and road specialities, uniting 30 universities of Russia, the countries CIS, and a number of universities in the USA, Germany, China and elsewhere,
  14. Since 1991 the university works as the Bureau of the central regional branch of Academy of Transport of Russia,
  15. Employment service for graduates
  16. Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens which train about 350 persons from over 70 foreign countries annually,
  17. Comfortable hostels, a complex of sports and resting facilities and adispensary (health center),
  18. In-house publishing and printing services,
  19. The newspaper " For the Automobile-Road Staff " published monthly,
  20. Museum with displays on the history and current events of the university,
  21. 3 Distinguished faculty — awarded the rank of winner of the premium of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education and 19 the premium President of the Russian Federation in the field of a science and engineering,
  22. Professors, senior lecturers and teachers that have written and published numerous textbooks, manuscripts and manuals, many of which are translated into foreign languages,
  23. Diplomas of building specialities accredited by the Society of Engineers — Builders of England. Within the program framework, recognition of the master's degree is conducted in the field of motor transport,
  24. odern field training and research center where students gain industrial practice at the senior level,
  25. Graduates work in many countries of the world, holding leading positions in education, science, business and industry.



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  • Moscow Automobile and Road Institute
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