Surgut State University, Russia
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Surgut State University, RussiaThe Surgut University was founded in 1993 and is one of Russia's youngest Universities. In 1993 the University was put on the roster of the state establishments of higher learning of the Russian Federation. Its founders include: the Administration of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, the Ministry of Education of the RF, the Administration of the City of Surgut, the Administration of the Surgut Region, the State Committee of the Russian Federation for development of the Polar North. Today the SSU comprises nine faculties concerned with: information technologies, physical engineering, economics, law, medicine, psychology, physical culture, biology and humanities. 3,000 students of the regular day department and 2,600 students of the correspondence department are given instruction in 18 specialities. The Faculty includes 35 Doctors and 104 Candidates of Sciences. Its 32 Chairs, 6 research laboratories and 4 scientific centres pursue extensive educational and research activities. The SSU scientists implement a number of Federal and Regional techno-scientific programmes and fulfil orders of the city's and Regional leading industrial enterprises. The SSU scientific school has become the leader and organizer of science for the entire Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. The University has opened post-graduate courses in 19 specialities giving instruction to 150 post-graduates. The University's scientific library contains 160 thousand documents. The University has a far-flung infrastructure and facilities: seven buildings for studies (instruction) and laboratory work, a hostel, a sports complex; the students' everyday life and leisure are well-organized. The University's basketball team plays in Russia's top championship league. SSU students have gained the title of champions of Europe and the World Universiade. The students' theatre, "Grotesque", has won numerous prizes at various contests. The University publishes its own newspaper, "Skrizhal", and operates a radio studio "Pulsar".


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