Tyumen State University, Russia
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Tyumen State University, RussiaTyumen State University is one of the most dynamically developing universities in Russia. It is an innovative, multi-stage, flexible, open and geographically dispersed work model.Tyumen State University is one of the leading universities of the Tyumen region. The Tyumen region has various natural resources and great economic strength. The rapid growth of the oil and gas industry has made Tyumen one of the most famous cities in Russia. Tyumen is the first Russian city in Siberia that was founded in 1586. It is known as the gateway to Siberia.

Tyumen State University is one of the largest universities in Russia. Over 40,000 students study here, approximately 1,900 of which are from other countries The University offers Bachelor of Sciences, Master of Sciences and Postgraduate degrees including 175 academic majors. Furthermore, it offers 3 courses of Joint diploma in Law and Economics with the Universities of Lorraine (Metz, France), Nordland (Bodo, Norway), and Wolverhampton (United Kingdom). The University faculty is highly distinguished; they include 1200 professors and lecturers, 70% of which are Doctors of science.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation statistics, TSU was one of the hundred best universities in the country in 2012-2013. Furthermore, TSU is on the list of the 50 best universities in the Commonwealth of Independent States countries, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia according to QS World University Rankings in 2013. Students from TSU are the winners of International Competitions, Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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