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Kuban State University, Krasnodar, RussiaInternational collaboration of Kuban State University started in 1970 when overseas students came to study at our University by the state order. Since then, the University has trained over 1,000 foreign students.

Recently the international activity of Kuban State University has changed drastically both in its content and quality, at present it is carried out in the framework of  scientific research and educational process and is much more intensive.

The University has 52 international agreements with European, American and Asian educational institutions. International links are being developed with various universities and colleges of the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece, Turkey, and other countries in the fields of seismology, natural and man caused disasters, ecology, membrane technologies, biologically active substances and preparations, non-linear laser materials, etc.

The University has broad international research and educational links with the Universities and research centers of the USA, France, England, Germany, India, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, and other countries.

In the field of economics our University has partner relations with the University of California, Connecticut University (USA), the University of Udine (Italy), the University of Porto (Portugal), and a number of other educational institutions and centers.

In the field of chemical sciences the University successfully collaborates with a number of foreign Universities and  colleges, among which are the University of Montpellier II, the Membrane Club of France, the University of Rouen, University Paris XII as well as research centers in Netherlands, USA, Israel, Germany.

In the field of political sciences, psychology, management and conflictlogy close cooperation is being developed with the University of Bilefeld (Germany), Central European University (Budapest), the University of Wisconsin (USA), and other leading foreign educational and research centers.

The Universities in Chicago, Berkley, Connecticut (USA), Essex and London (Great Britain), German Institute of Archeology are closely cooperating with Kuban State in the field of historical sciences.

In the field of philology our University has partner relations with Bristol University (Great Britain), Pedagogical Institute of  Karsruhe and Berlin Higher School of Applied Sciences (Germany), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Universities of Canada, USA, Bulgaria, and other countries.

In 2001 the Russian Language Certification Center of Kuban State University was founded in Berlin.

Educational programs with the Associated Colleges of the  Midwest and Great Lakes (USA), Bristol University (Great Britain), other educational institutions have been run at our University for more than 10 years.

Professors and lecturers of the University take active part in the implementation of  international programs and projects, work at foreign foundations (SOROS, TASIS, TEMPUS, INTAS, ASPRISL-USA, DAAD). Our scientists are members of expert councils of international grants (TASIS, INTAS).

High level of research carried out at Kuban State University can be illustrated by 50 individual grants of the SOROS Foundation awarded to our scientists.



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