Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia
Address: Russia, 400074, Volgograd, Akademicheskaya st., 1
Phone: +7 (8442) 97 48 72
Fax: +7 (8442) 97 49 33
Number of persons: 9
Number of authors: 10
Number of publications: 7

Personnel: Bandurin, Nikolay Grigor'evich
Belonenko, Mikhail Borisovich
Gureeva, Natal'ya Anatol'evna
Haritonova, L. P.
Harlanov, Vladimir
Ignatiev, V A
Kiselev, Valery
Pshenichkina, Valeriya Alexandrovna
Sasov, Aleksei Sergeevich

Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, RussiaYear of foundation: December, 1951. Previous names: Stalingrad Institute of Engineers of Municipal Economy; Volgograd Institute of Engineers of Municipal Economy; Volgograd Civil Engineering Institute; Volgograd State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Got the status of University in October, 2003.

At the moment the University includes 5 branch institutes: Institute of Economy and Law; Institute of Ecology; Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Institute of Traffic Engineering; Institute of Distance Education.

About 8715 students are taught on 11 faculties of these institutes, and 2 affiliate institutes: Volzhsky Institute of Civil Engineering and Technologies and Sebryakovsky Institute.

The number of the teaching staff is 487 people, among them 75 Professors, Sc.D. 324 teachers have scientific degrees and/or titles. 26 active and corresponding members of different Russian Academies of Sciences, 17 Honorary Members of Higher Professional Education of RF, 2 Honorary Workers of Science and Technology of RF, 5 Honorary Members of Higher School, 3 Honorary Architects of RF, 3 Honorary Workers of Culture are employed in the University. 32 Heads of Departments have a Sc.D. degree and/or the title of a Professor, 11 have a Ph.D. and/or the title of an associate professor. 3 of 8 Deans are Professors, Sc.D.

The training is given in 26 specialties and one direction of multilevel education (bachelors, masters) in full-time, extra-mural, part-time and crash forms of education. The University offers to its students post-graduate and postdoctoral courses. Students pursuing a Ph.D. are trained in 25 specialties of 8 branches of science under supervision of 60 scientific advisors, among them 40 Professors, Sc.D., and 20 associate professors, Ph.D. From 1998 to 2003 61 students got a Ph.D. and 21 teachers got a Sc.D. Now 308 students are pursuing a Ph.D. and 11 students — a Sc.D. Since 2001 the University has opened 3 doctoral and 2 postdoctoral preparation councils. For the last 5 years 81 Ph.D. and 5 Sc.D. diplomas were defended in these councils.

There are 13 directions of scientific research. For the last five years the university scientists edited 66 monographs, 187 Conference Proceedings, 2695 scientific articles, got 40 patents of RF and 4 international licenses, published 143 textbooks and teaching aids, 19 of them authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation; 292 training supplies recommended by the university editorial council, and 1 CD textbook that got state registration.

Since 1999 the University has been publishing a scientific journal "Vestnik VolgGASU". In February, 2004 the series "Humanities" of "Vestnik VolgGASU" was included in the List of the Best Russian Scientific Editions approved by the Supreme Certification Board of the Ministry of Education and Science. This List contains the main achievements of Sc.D. projects.

There are 857 900 editions in the university libraries, that is 169,6 books fro every full-time student. 230 students can study in the reading-rooms together.

In 2004 1330 full-time students were enrolled to the University. 3,3 people applied for one seat. Every year about 800 qualified specialists, Bachelors and Masters graduate from our University.

VolgGASU is a member of the Association of Civil Engineering Higher Schools (ASB). The Institute of Traffic Engineering is a member of International Association of Road-Transport Education (MAADO). In 1998 the University was awarded a prize "Golden Eagle" and a special certificate of the program "Partnership for progress" for achievements in staff training and development, high competence and fundamental research. The University actively collaborates with higher schools of different countries: Michigan State University (USA), Association of New Jersey Colleges (USA), Fachhochschule Koeln (Germany). In 1998–2002 the University organized 16 international scientific conferences in Volgograd and abroad: in Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey and Israel.

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