Kazan National Research Technological University, Russia
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Kazan National Research Technological University, RussiaKSTU is founded in 1919 as Kazan Polytechnical Institute. In 1933 it was reorganized into Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology, and in 1992 the Institute received the status of University and was renamed into Kazan State Technological University.

The University comprises 56 departments, 10 base faculties and institutes (chemical engineering, mechanics, power machinery construction and process equipment, oil and oil refining, polymers, chemical and biological engineering, light industry engineering; food-stuff industries management economics and automation) which enroll 11000 full-time, part-time and extra-mural students, and Nizhnekamsk Institute of Chemical Engineering (as the KSTU branch). The University has Faculty of Pre-University Training and one of Subsidiary Profesions, Regional Centre of Training and Qualification Improvment for HEI teachers and lectures, Centre of Re-Training and Qualification Improvment for specialists in biotechnology, Faculty of Qualification Improvment for lectures and scientists. 900 teachers and lectures work in the University. Among them - 35 Academicians and Associate Academicians of various Academies of Russian Federation and of Tatarstan Republic, including 4 foreign Academies, 148 Professors, 564 Candidates of Sciences (Ph.D.). Among them 68 Honoured Scientists of Russia and Tatarstan. 22 University's programmes correspond to the specialists training orintation.

There are Postgraduate Courses, Doctorate Training Courses, Counsils for awarding Doctor's degree (in 19 specialities) and Counsils for awarding Candidate's degree (in 8 specialities) in the University. The number of postgraduate students: full-time - 314; extramural - 79; working for Doctor's degree - 31. The University takes part in some Russian scientific and technical programmes. The University is the head institution in greatest regional scientific and technical programmes. There are engineering and research centres at the University.

The University has contracts and agreements of cooperation in the field of science and education with 13 Universities, Colleges, Organizations and Companies of Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, China, and holds joint scientific research, exchanges specialists and students.


Other institution names:
  • Kazan Institute for Chemical Technology
  • Kazan State Technological University
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