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Tomsk Polytechnic University, RussiaFounded in 1896 and opened in 1900, Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is the first higher technical educational institution in the Asian part of Russia having the greatest traditions in engineering education. Since its foundation more than one hundred thousand specialists have graduated from the University, over 300 of them have become Academicians, Lenin and State award winners and the winners of other prestigious awards.

22,500 students of all forms of education, 580 post-graduates and 46 doctorates are educated at TPU.

13 academic Councils for defending doctor's dissertations and four councils for defending candidate's dissertations function at the University.

25 educational lines and 79 educational courses are offered by TPU. Masters are educated in 19nbsp;educational lines. Moreover, eight educational programmes of specialist training have been worked out and implemented in English: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection, Management, Linguistics and Education, Linguistics and Translation. Educational programmes on Physics, Geology and Geological Engineering, Thermal Engineering have been worked out as well. The opportunity of getting a second higher education, including the Cyprus Institute of Marketing, is offered to all persons interested. Further education is given in the Centre for Continuing Education, Postgraduate Courses Department (70nbsp;majors) and Doctorate Department (24nbsp;majors).

The teaching staff includes 1,800nbsp;instructors, among them 1,450nbsp;lecturers (195nbsp;Ds.Sc. and 800nbsp;Ph.Ds.); 3nbsp;members of the State Russian Academies, 132nbsp;members of Russian public-professional and international Academies, two winners of the President's award of the Russian Federation, two winners of the State awards, three winners of the Government awards. 14nbsp;members of the TPU teaching staff are the winners of the Russian nominal and international awards.

The TPU turns out about 2,000nbsp;specialists annually, 30%nbsp;of them are specialized in scientific and integrated interdisciplinary technologies. Creative atmosphere, academic traditions and high quality education are well known not only in Siberia and Russia but abroad as well. Students, post-graduates and trainees of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Asian-Pacific countries, Near East and Europe attain education at TPU as well.

At present, Tomsk Polytechnic University includes eight institutes, 17nbsp;faculties, three research institutes and other departments.

The university has seven branches and 12nbsp;representative offices in various cities of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad including Karlsruhe (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic) and Nicosia (Cyprus).

At Tomsk Polytechnic University a unique resource base has been created which provides research and education at the up-to-date level, i.e. radiation installations with a wide range of energy and accelerated particles, namely: research nuclear reactor, the only one behind the Urals, electronic synchrotron, cyclotron, microtron, powerful accelerator of charged particles. Up-to-date cryogenic facilities, a wide range of test benches, testing complexes, radio electronic system, scientific-training grounds, developed analytical device basis, telecommunication means providing communication with the world are available for students and scientists.

First in Russia, higher educational institution standard has been worked out at TPU. It includes federal, regional and higher educational components that allow taking into account the specific character of the region where educational institution is located or which the specialists are trained for. The five-year University Development Programme is implemented at TPU; the intensive multi-level programme for students is carried out as well, which allows the University graduate to have profound knowledge of English.

The University pursues a policy of integration in the international education area, develops international relations with the scientific institutions of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Cyprus, South Korea, China, India, Pakistan and other countries.

High level of TPU is approved by its ratings: it ranks first in the rating of the Russian Association for Engineering Education, fourth in the rating of the Technical Universities Association of Russia. The University holds the Certificate of the State Accreditation; nine educational programmes have been accredited through the Independent Accreditation Centre. First in Russia, Tomsk Polytechnic University on the whole and five educational programmes in English in particular, have been certified by the Global Alliance for Transnational Education (USA), the quality management system has been developed, assessed and registered by National Quality Assurance Ltd. (UK).



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