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University of Mersin, TurkeyMersin University was founded in 1992 and started education programs in 1993–1994. The university began with 4 Faculties, 1 College, 4 Vocational Schools and 2 Institutes. With its growing inner dynamics, high quality of education and renewing strategy, Mersin University has become one of the best and well-known universities in Turkey.

Mersin University, with its 11 faculties, 6 Schools and 9 vocational schools, aims to fulfill the needs and expectations of the society by providing high quality education and training in almost every discipline. Since its foundation Mersin University has always given prime importance to academic quality. The university has been contributing to the growth of the new generation with its distinguished academicians and modern education. The university has had about 10 thousand graduates, has broadened its current academic staff to more than 100 academicians, and enrolls 18.000 students.

All campuses are modern with their comfortable and healthy atmosphere, original architecture and congenial environmental structures. In addition The University has sports and research centers, situated in the city center and other towns, which serve the students and the academic staff.

Parallel to its campus development, Mersin University has been creating new opportunities for the local people. Medicine Faculty, Research Center Hospital was founded in 1999 to serve the city and The University has been initiating many projects that contribute to the city's economic and social development and its progress in the field of health.


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  • Mersin Üniversitesi
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