University of Salerno, Italy
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Although of recent birth, the University of Salerno claims ancient origins, recalled in its Seal, that is the one of the Schola Medica Salernitana "Civitas Hippocratica".

The legend tells that four Masters founded Schola: Helinus, the Hebrew; Pontus, the Greek; Adela, the Arabian and Salernus, the Latin. The Mediterranean cultures thus symbolically join to give birth to the Schola, which was not by chance placed in the point of union of Europe and Magna Grecia. Actually, a School of Medicine was already active in Salerno between seventh and eighth century, favored by the presence of masters bearing the knowledge of the Greek-Roman world. Medicine was typically taught together with Theology, Philosophy and Law, according to the traditions of Italy, country open to the scientific and cultural institutions of the Mediterranean basin. The Schola Medica achieved its utmost splendor between the tenth and the thirteenth century, and eventually declined until 1811, when Gioacchino Murat decreed its closure for political more than cultural reasons.

After the World War II, the University of Salerno started again when the Istituto of Magistero was turned into State University (1968) and the Faculties of Magistero, and Letters and Philosophy are founded. Economy and Commerce followed in 1970, then Law and Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences in 1971, Engineering in 1983 and Political Sciences and Pharmacy in 1991. Finally, in 1996 the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature was established.

The University of Salerno presently offers to his 60,000 students 9 Faculties, 26 Courses of Laurea, 8 Courses of Diplomas, 17 Courses of Doctorate, plus an international Course of Doctorate and 2 international Courses of Master.

The University of Salerno, whose Faculties until 1980 were located into many buildings intra moenia, is presently set in the Irno Valley. Built as a Campus this can deal with the demand of organizational and structural unitariness which has conferred her prestige and competitiveness with other Universities.

The quick growth of the University of Salerno has been accompanied by a great improvement in the organization, the University gives to his students the availability of laboratories, libraries, meeting-places and large lawns surrounding the structures, a Language Centre and The Main Library that at the present owns about 320.000 volumes and subscribes to 2.000 journals plus two refectories, transports and accommodations that complete the structure of the Campus.


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