Concordia University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Canada
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Concordia University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, CanadaThe Department of Mathematics and Statistics' main objective is to communicate to students both the beauty and the practical usefulness of Mathematics. We convey to our students an understanding of the broad outlines of Actuarial Mathematics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Statistics to prepare them for jobs in industry and business where mathematics is playing an increasingly important role, and to stimulate their interest in research. The Department also plays a vital service role in the University, teaching approximately 134 sections of pre-university-level Mathematics for pre-commerce and engineering students.

The courses offered by the Department foster mathematical thinking and reasoning, developing general problem-solving skills that are an asset to students throughout their career. The Department has embraced the changes manifested in computer technology and educational reform, enriching the learning and intellectual environment. Our flexible yet challenging undergraduate programs cater to the diverse interests of students who plan to make Mathematics their career as well as to those who will use Mathematics in other fields.

Concordia is one of the two English-language universities in Montreal, the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. The University has two campuses: the Sir George Williams Campus in the very center of the city, and the Loyola Campus in the west end. The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is divided into two parts accordingly and the University operates a shuttle bus service connecting both campuses.

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