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Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, RussiaSpecial features of the University determining its place in the system of Higher education of Russia, are:

  1. Standards for the advanced centers of the world higher school, a wide combination of faculties — from humanitarian, social and natural — scientific up to medical, ecological, agricultural and applied engineering, — almost of all scale of the specialties representing an unlimited choice for those willing to receive modern and quality degree education, involving into educational process a wide circle of the scientists and the experts in various areas of human activity.
  2. Orientation of the educational plans to individual work with the students — small quantitative structure of students' groups allowing deep acquisition of educational disciplines in all specialities.
  3. Profound study of one or several foreign languages, obtaining alongside with the basic speciality of qualification the diploma of interpreter in one or several languages.
  4. Significant density in the activity of the University of all forms of postgraduate studies (refresher and Ph.D courses), wide training of personnel of highest qualifications.
  5. Multi-nationality of the collective of teachers, students, post-graduate students and trainees — representatives of 450 nationalities and tribes from more than 130 countries of the world. The joint study, rest, leisure at the University — promoting to mutual acquaintance and enrichment of cultures and traditions of many nationalities. This is indeed the school of friendship and mutual understanding, basis of the further development of personal contacts and professional communications at the international level for each of the graduates of University.

The PFUR is a large centre of science where 330 doctors and more than 800 candidates of sciences (Ph.D holders) conduct multy-purpose researches. For last 3 years 167 monographs, 58 textbooks and 485 manuals have been published at the University.

More than 500 employees of the University are the registered inventors and rationalizes. The intellectual fund of PFUR is made with the descriptions of the inventions of more than 870 copyright certificates and of 150 patents of Russian Federation practically on all directions of scientific activity of the University.

Ph.D dissertations on 58 specialities executed by the post-graduate students and the employees of PFUR and from other scientific and educational organizations are being assessed by the Dissertation Councils. There are 35 Dissertation Councils including 21 councils having the right of assessment of the dissertations of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc).

The University participates in performance of scientific research and design works on priority scientific directions on the orders of the Russian and foreign companies.

The research work involves professors and teachers of the University, regular scientific employees, personnel of the faculties, post-graduate students, trainees and other students.

It is necessary to note, that the presence in PFUR of the large number of faculties, departments, specialities of a various direction enables to carry out joint and complex scientific researches both of the applied and fundamental character.



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