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Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku, AzerbaijanThe history of our University became an integral part of cultural history of Azerbaijan Republic.

There is a structural transformation at the University in order to improve the level of training and training process and also scientific-research work. There's a high enforcement to the teachers and students to consolidate discipline and improve the quality of teaching. Complete refurbishment has been carried out in all lecture halls and class- rooms of the University. A lot of works are being done to improve outdoors and indoors. Today 10 dean's offices and 52 departments function at the Azerbaijan Technical University. About 6000 students are trained and 116 foreigners are among them.

There are 835 teachers, 73 of them are doctors of science, professors, 412 are candidates of science, 340 are assistant professors and assistant teachers (64 of them are candidates of science). 1099 people work in administration and economical departments.

Education has two-level forms at the University. Students have classes at bachelors and master degree courses having 24 directions and 62 specialties. 70 students study at the post-graduate courses.

There is an issue of scientific reports "Scientific notes". Azerbaijan Technical University has a good material-technical base of academic process on the base of modern level and also for the normal rest of teachers and students at the Azerbaijan Technical University. The most beautiful architectural building is main academic building with 58000 m2. space and there is also the 6-th block (building) which is under construction now. Besides, Azerbaijan Technical University has a fundamental library comprising more than 700 thousands of books, computer and TV centers, special reading halls for teachers and students, a dining room, polyclinic, printing-house, publishing house, sports complex which is the only one among the higher educational Institutions of the country, student's township and holiday houses situated in Nabran settlement on the Caspian sea shore.

The University supports scientific and educational relations with some foreign countries. At present it has close contacts with the Universities and scientific centers of Germany, Turkey, Russia and others. The coordination works in the sphere of education Europrojects (TEMPUS, TASIS) are also held.

Using its opportunities University takes an active part in solution of economical problems of the Republic.

Other institution names:
  • Azerbaijan polytechnic Institute named after Ch. Il'drym
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