Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine
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Zaporizhzhya National University, UkraineThe history of Zaporizhzhya National University (ZNU) dates back to a pedagogical institution founded in Alexandrovsk (the former name of Zaporizhzhya) at the end of the XIX century. A gymnasium was founded in one of its buildings in 1897. The teaching system was later transformed into three-year pedagogical courses (1921), and in 1930 an institute of public education was set up. In 1933 it was reorganised into the state pedagogical institute. In 1986 the institution has got its present status of the Classical University.

Nowadays the University heads a regional educational scientific complex, which includes Azov Regional Management Institute, Nikopol Institute, Scientific Research Institute of Metrology and Certification, Institute of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, a lyceum, a gymnasium, an electrotechnical college, a pedagogical school and 8 specialised schools. Since 1996 the University has adopted a new 3-level educational system. Now it can incrementally provide bachelor, specialist, magister degrees.

Ever since it was established the University has striven for a comprehensive development of its infrastructure. This encompasses the creation of new faculties and departments, the introduction of new prestigious specialities, and the connection of the University to an integrated computer network.

Professors and lecturers of the University have close ties with enterprises and organisations in Zaporizhzhya and its region. Some of the more famous are Zaporozhstal Steel Works, Zaporozhye Power Station, and several larger enterprises producing consumer electronics and semiconductors. They also have numerous contacts with scientific and educational centres in Ukraine and abroad.

The university staff takes part in organising and holding of national and international conferences, and cooperates with scientists from Ukraine and abroad. For example, exchanges have taken place with USA, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Holland, Austria, France and Germany.


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  • Zaporizhzhya State University
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