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Nagoya University, JapanStarting April 1st this year, Nagoya University has taken the important step of becoming a National University Corporation.

Being inaugurated as the president of Nagoya University at the time of such big changes. The fundamental mission of Nagoya University is to cultivate highly talented people and to become the base of knowledge creation. The "Academic Charter of Nagoya University" enacted February 2000 aspires "to foster the harmonious development of human nature and science, producing world class research outputs, and cultivating courageous intellectuals gifted with rational thought and creativity for contributing to society through research and education". Based on this philosophy, the National University Corporation Nagoya University endeavors more than before to carry out its responsibilities as a pivotal university contributing to society through among others the development of learning in the 21st century, technological innovation, cultivation of outstanding human resources, and provision of advanced medical treatment.

Moreover, as a National University Corporation, Nagoya University's management needs to be strengthened challenging its leadership, i.e. its president and other executives. The leadership must put further effort into explaining the importance of cultivating talented people and creating knowledge to be understood by its faculty and staff members as well as society. At the same time, we cannot deny that each individual at Nagoya University, faculty, staff, students, etc. all together constitute the source of knowledge fundamental to the University's existence. Based on this, it is important to establish a new system renewing Nagoya University's organization to utilize the unique capacity and experiences of all university members.

Nagoya University is by no means unrelated to society and that it is expected to play an important role as a member of society. Next to education and research, the National University Corporation Nagoya University aims at the future development and solution of various matters of its regional society relating to culture, politics, economy and industry, etc. Towards this goal, Nagoya University endeavors to foster cooperation and partnerships with its local community, local administration, and local companies by putting efforts into pioneering ideas and proposals.


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