Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
Address: Turkey, 35040, Izmir, Kampüsü
Phone: +90 (0232) 388 01 10
Fax: +90 (0232) 388 10 19
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Ege University, Izmir, TurkeyEge University has been the focal point of education in Izmir, which is the third largest city of the country and the center of industry, tourism, culture of the Aegean Region.

Ege University was founded in Bornova, which is one of the districts of Izmir province. Bornova Campus of Ege University is situated on an area of 370 ha. The campus covers wide range of facilities including culture, sport and social services. Car park, road and traffic signs and directions are available throughout the campus. In addition, intercity, national and international communication from the campus is possible owing to phone lines and computer network. Since the campus is located on the crossroad of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, intercity transportation is very fast. Apart from this, intercity transportation provided by Municipality bus and underground services enable students to reach the campus from every part of the city.

Accommodation for students is available on the University Campus. The General Directorate of Students' Credits and Dormitories administers dormitories, which provide facilities for 6000 students.

Apart from the Rectorate and University campus in Bornova, there are vocational training schools in Tire, Bergama, Bayındır and Ödemiş, Atatürk Cultural Center in Konak, applied educational centers in Urla, Menemen, Mordoğan, Çiğli and Özdere, and an observatory in Kurudağ. With these facilities Ege University serves both the students and the public in terms of education, science, health, social and cultural services. In order to extend these services, West Campus of the university was recently established in Çeşme.


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