Samara State University of Economics, Russia
Address: Russia, 443090, Samara, Soviet Army st., 141
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Samara State University of Economics, RussiaThe main wealth of the University is its highly qualified staff of professors and teachers. 509 teachers (51 doctors of sciences, 256 assistant-professors, candidates of sciences among them) carry out the pedagogical, scientific and teaching work in Samara State University of Economics. Among the professors there are RF honored scientists, an honored worker of RF Higher school, 25 members and one corresponding member of 14 different academies of sciences.

Currently more than eleven thousand students study at the University. They have been provided with various forms of education and can choose among 20 specialties and fields of study. Training is conducted on a multi-level basis and lasts for 4-6 years. After graduation students get a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree or diplomas.

The process of teaching is grounded on educational curricular and schedules, elaborated in accordance with state educational standards.

The concept of an overall access to information and the program of information of up-to-date information technologies into the teaching are being launched. Today the University has at its disposal more than 750 personal computers. Eighteen computer classes meet students' learning needs.

Samara State University of Economics is a large-scale scientific centre and we carry out fundamental and applied research. On the basis of this research theses for a Doctor's degree and for a Candidate's degree are defended; textbooks and educational supplies, monographs, scientific articles are published. Scientific and methodological conferences are organized and held. Students of the University actively participate in research work.

International relations are hugely important to the Samara State University of Economics, and, to ensure that they develop successfully and dynamically, The Centre for International Cooperation has been created to further develop this area. The main aims of international activity of SSEA are all-round integration into the world educational space as a partner possessing equal rights, improvement of education quality and scientific level of the faculty in order to benefit the national system of education.

The University possesses 5 training buildings and 3 students' hostels. For students' recreation we have five sports halls, an assembly hall, student's cafe and a youth cultural and entertainment centre.

Samara State University of Economics is a scientific complex which has all the necessary facilities for the preparation of experts and professionals according to today's exacting standards.

Other institution names:
  • Kuibyshev Planning Institute
  • Samara State Academy of Economics
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