Reykjavík Academy, Iceland
Address: Iceland, 107, Reykjavík, JL-húsið, Hringbraut, 121
Number of persons: 1

Personnel: Zusmanovich, Pasha

The Reykjavík Academy is a multi-disciplinary community of independent scholars. Founded in 1997, the Reykjavík Academy overlooks Faxaflói bay, ten minutes' walk from the center of Reykjavík. Over fifty scholars (most from the humanities and social sciences), writers and artists have set up their offices in the Academy, which occupies the 4th and 5th floors of the "JL-hús" at Hringbraut 121.

The Reykjavík Academy has approximately 60 offices which members of the Academy can rent for shorter or longer periods. Many offices are shared by two or more people, but approximately half are designed for a single scholar. The rent per month per square meter is 1450 kr. Included in the price is electricity, heat, and an Internet connection, as well as free access to a large kitchen, lively lunch table, meeting rooms, and a larger lecture hall. The Academy organizes regular lectures, as well as social events for its members. The Academy staff is often asked to suggest lecturers, teachers, and other specialists from within its ranks. The Academy's members also take part in funded research projects, in which other members often have the opportunity to get involved.

Members of the Academy include biographers, translators, professional scholars with independent sources of funding, and Icelandic scholars living back home while finishing their graduate studies at universities abroad. Some members have part- or full-time positions at an Icelandic university, or other outside employment, and keep an office at the Academy for their own personal research. Others are well-known scholars whose research funding comes from government, foundations, private institutions, or book sales. Instead of working at home, they enjoy the congenial atmosphere at the Academy.

If you will be in the Reykjavík area doing research, completing your thesis, teaching, or writing, consider applying for an office at the Academy or simply becoming a member. The creative and relaxed atmosphere and companionship with writers, artists and scholars of various disciplines makes the Academy a super place to work.

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