Université de Technologie de Compiégne, France
Address: France, 60200, Compiégne, Rue Roger Couttolenc
Phone: +33 3 44 23 44 23
Number of persons: 8
Number of authors: 7
Number of publications: 9

Personnel: Baptiste, Philipp
Bouzebda, Salim
Brancherie, Delphine
Carlier, Jeanne
Ferfache, Abdeldjaoued
Limnios, Nikolaos
Sidorov, Denis Nikolaevich
Trevezas, S

UTC is a public institution specialized in science and technology. It was created in 1972 as a new model in the French higher education system.

This experiment aimed at bridging the gap between : the elite school system (Grandes Ecoles) and the standard universities the higher education institutions and industry

UTC?s main missions are education, research and transfer of technology. It is well integrated within the European system of higher education and it has pursued, since its creation, an ambitious international policy. Its model has been duplicated in France in the cities of Troyes (UTT) and Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) and abroad in China (Shanghai) and Chile (Vina del Mar).

UTC interacts with society and industry by anticipating the research's requirements of companies and by facilitating the professional insertion of its students, thanks to its educational values based on students' autonomy and its interdisciplinary research.

Standpoint: UTC?s identity and policy placed it in the avant garde of progress, a position it has held for 35 years. Throughout its history it has remained innovating, imaginative and a model for change, responding to environmental stakes and industrial needs.

Values: humanism the development of the individual interdisciplinary research an international exposure with an intercultural approach

UTC's objectives are to train students who will manage successfully the interactions between technology, man and society in a globally competitive environment while at the same time making sustainable development a priority to guarantee excellent thematic research geared towards the issues of our environment and supported by a collective commitment to interdisciplinary research.

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