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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, RussiaMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) was created in 1946 by Leading Soviet scientists and Government as an advanced educational and research Institution with primary concentration in Physics. MIPT quickly assumed a leading position in this field and became known internationally.

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of MIPT for Soviet Physics and Science in general. Institute's graduates became academicians, leading specialists in nuclear research and rocket science, oceanology, biophysics, radiophysics and other numerous branches of Science.

MIPT's Faculty is the highest authority in Russia in the area of Physical Sciences education at the University and advanced high school level (see below). Having said that, we want to be just with respect to the other Russian educational institutions such as Moscow and Novosibirsk State Universities and some others.

They also have very good specialists in Physics and talented educators, but the MIPT's Faculty is the biggest and its collective talent is unique as well as its educational approach and experience. This is seen from the numerous educational programs the Institute runs for decades.

MIPT has eight Departments. Total number of currently enrolled students is 3600. The number of first year students enrolled for 1999-2000 academic year is 681. Historical female to male ratio is approximately 1 to 10.

The admission is based on the performance of the prospective students on the in-class Admission Exams offered by MIPT in July of each year in Dolgoprudnij. It means, of cause, that in July the candidates have to travel to Moscow from all Russia's 11 time zones and then take a train to Dolgoprudnij (another half an hour trip). The format of the exams changes slightly from time to time. The classic schedule included four exams: written and oral exam in Physics and Mathematics. A candidate got a chance to defend his/her written work on the oral exam. The Admission Exams were graded to absolute scale. Those, who don't get the full score on these four exams, do not get a waiver for the fifth exam, which is in-class essay writing. But now there are only two written exams: exam in Physics and Mathematics. If a candidate succeeds in these ones, he/she is admited to the interview held by each of the Departments individually.



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