Tula State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 300600, Tula, pr. Lenina, 92
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Number of publications: 235

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Tula State University, RussiaTula State University was established in 1930. TSU is a federal educational establishment that enrolls over 13,000 students. The University offers a unique set of study programs. Starting from just 3 specialties in 1930 by now TSU trains engineers, mathematicians, economists, managers, lawyers, designers, sociologists, physicians and other specialists in more than 100 fields. The Uni-versity is attended by over 300 international students and postgraduate students from 20 countries.

The TSU faculty includes more than 150 Full Doctors, Professors. Since 1992 TSU offers a multi-level education at B. M. A. and specialist levels.

Post graduate and post doctorate studies are available in 10 fields and 47 specialties. The num-ber of post docs is over 50; the number of postgraduate students is 450. The University assigns sci-entific degrees at 14 Scientific Councils. Annually about 15 Full Doctor degrees are awarded.

TSU provides a wide-range secondary, higher, post graduate and vocational education. The University is a member of many associations like the Eurasian Association of Universities.

TSU conducts basic and applied research and is a leading center of science and technology. The achievements of TSU are internationally recognized. The University cooperates with the universi-ties of USA, England, Slovakia, Germany and other countries. The scientists win many international grants.

Only in 1998 TSU faculty members delivered lectures and conducted joint research in Brazil, Morocco, Australia, USA, Yugoslavia, England, China and Germany. Visitors from USA, Namibia, China, Korea, Egypt, India came to the University.

TSU actively cooperates with the Russian Academy of Sciences, its divisions and institutes.

The University has the Internet center with free access to over 100 computers on-line.


Other institution names:
  • Tula Polytechnical Institute
  • Tula State Technical University
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