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Ivan Franko National University of L'viv, UkrainePost-graduate studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is a training and scientific structure which functions since 1945. Training of highly qualified scientific personnel by means of dissertation work fulfilment to get Candidate's degree is its main task.

Now the education is carried out in 86 specialities:

Mathematical analysis; differential equations; mathematical physics; geometry and topology; probability theory and mathematical statistics; algebra and theory of number; calculus mathematics; mechanics of strained solid; astrophysics and radioastronomy; theoretical physics; physics of solids; physics of semiconductors and dielectrics; physics of metals; theoretical principles of information science and cybernetics; mathematical modelling and computational methods; inorganic chemistry; analytical chemistry; organic chemistry; physical chemistry; biophysics; biochemistry; botany; microbiology; zoology; physiology of plants; physiology of man and animals; genetics; general and regional geology; geochemistry; paleontology and stratigraphy; geology of metallic and non-metallic minerals; mineralogy and crystallography; theoretical electrical engineering; history of Ukraine; world history; archeology; ethnology; historiography; source study and special historical branches of science; theory of economics; history of economics and history of economic idea; management, planning and economy regulation organization; economic-mathematical modelling;world economy and international economic relations; business accounting, analysis and audit; ontology, gnoseology, phenomenology; social philosophy and philosophy of history; philosophical antropology; philosophy of culture; history of philosophy; ethics; aesthetics; religion study; Ukrainian literature; Russian literature;Foreign literature; journalism; Ukrainian; Russian; Slavonic languages; Germanic languages; Romanic languages; classical languages; several Indo-European languages; general linguistics; translation study; phisical geography; landscape geophysics and geochemistry; economic and social geography; geomorphology and paleogeography; soil geography and biogeography; structural geography and rational natural resources use; theory and practice of State and Law; history of political and legal trainings; labour law; social security right; civil law and civil process, family law, international private law; criminal law and criminology, criminal and executive law; criminal process and criminalistics, judicial examination; international law; general pedagogics and history of pedagogics; general psychology, history of psychology; man-caused sources of state; management sociology; theory and history of political science; political institutes and processes; political problems of international systems and global development.

Duration of study is specified by individual plans of dissertation researches and lasts maximum 3 years (permanent establishment) or 4 years (by correspondence).

3 years long education procedure of people working for Doctor's degree (DSc) was started in 1988.

Now the secular education of people working for doctor's degree is carried out in such specialities: mathematical analysis; theoretical physics; physics of solid; physics of semiconductors and dielectrics; physics of metals; inorganic chemistry; physical chemistry; history of Ukraine; theory of economics; ontology; gnoseology; phenomenology; history of phylosophy; Ukrainian literature; Germanic languages; economic and social geography; structural geography and rational natural resources use.

Acceptance of people working for doctor?s degree and post-graduate students is carried out according to the budget orders for payment on contract basis.


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