Междисциплинарный научный центр им. Ж.-В. Понселе, Россия
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The "Laboratoire International Franco-Russe de Mathématiques et Interaction avec l'Informatique et la Physique Théorique" (LIFR MI2P) was created in 2002 by a Founding Agreement between the CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research) and the IUM (the Independent University of Moscow).

In 2006, the Laboratory MI2P was enlarged and reformatted jointly by CNRS and Russian co-founders into the Poncelet Laboratory (Laboratoire J.-V.Poncelet, UMI 2615, CNRS-IUM) with the new director, professor M. Tsfasman. The Poncelet Laboratory was a unique international scientific platform in Russia, on which intensive collaboration of European and Russian researchers, working in various areas of mathematics, theoretical physics and informatics, took place. During its 10 years of the existence, the Laboratoire Poncelet (LP) has become an important part of scientific life in majority in Moscow (Russia), playing the role of a cooperation platform and a "crystallization center" of French-Russian collaboration in mathematics, physics and informatics.

With the aim to enforce the French-Russian scientific communication, the partners propose to create a new structure, the French-Russian Interdisciplinary Scientific Center Poncelet (ISCP). The ISCP will conduct and coordinate French-Russian scientific investigations in the areas of theoretical and mathematical physics, mathematics and informatics.

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