Tel Aviv University, School of Mathematical Sciences, Israel
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Tel Aviv University, School of Mathematical Sciences, IsraelWith the phenomenal expansion of the mathematical sciences over the past decade, the School of Mathematical Sciences at Tel Aviv University has grown apace.

The School encompasses under one roof three distinct departments: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics-Operations Research. (The Computer Science Department became a separate school in 2000.)

In recent years the School has undergone a very impressive development. It has recruited several truly outstanding mathematicians and has become in some areas, notably in Pure Mathematics, a leading center of advanced and excellent research. This is reflected in its acknowledged standing in the international mathematical community and in Israel.

The School has been especially active and successful in attracting mathematicians from the former Soviet Union. This addition to the faculty of about 20 tenure track positions occupied by former Soviet Union mathematicians not only strengthened the existing level of excellence of the School, but also exposed the School, as well as the entire Israeli mathematical community, to the special areas (the "Russian School") of mathematics in which the former Soviet Union had especially high standing.

The School supports and encourages excellence at all levels, starting with high school students. It has developed a vibrant and innovative program for extremely gifted high school students who combine high school studies with academic studies in our School. There are presently about 30 students in this program, most of whom continue their graduate studies at our School.

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