University of Leeds, United Kingdom
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The University of Leeds is acclaimed world-wide for the quality of its teaching and research. One of the largest universities in the UK, Leeds is also the most popular among students applying for undergraduate courses. An emphasis on innovative research and investment in high-quality facilities and first-rate infrastructure means that no fewer than 35 departments are rated internationally or nationally "excellent".

Its size and international reputation enables the University to offer one of the widest ranges of academic courses in the UK. During the current academic year over 32,241 students are attached to 700 different first-degree programmes and 474 postgraduate degree programmes. A further 32,062 men and women are enrolled on short courses with the University.

In almost a century of teaching, the University has played a leading part in the development of modern higher education in this country. As well as continually strengthening core academic disciplines (Leeds has more undergraduates studying languages and physical sciences than any other UK institution), the University has also developed distinctive areas of specialist expertise in rarer subjects such as Colour Chemistry and Fire Science.

By making the use of the latest technologies and with its teaching supported by such a strong and diverse research base, the University is able to offer a wide choice of interdisciplinary degrees including unusual subject combinations such as music and electronic engineering and Japanese with linguistics.

Leeds is now among the top ten universities for research in the UK and is internationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence in a wide range of academic and professional disciplines. Its broad research and skills base and superb facilities attract interest from major multinationals and small local businesses alike. Many of its research initiatives cross traditional subject boundaries and Leeds currently promotes projects through 58 inter-disciplinary centres and seven research schools.

As a result, the University attracts more industrial funding than any other in the UK. It also invests its own resources in helping organisations turn university research into world-class products and services. From textile industries' invention of the permanent wave for Wella in the 1930s to the development, in the 1990s, of alarms using 'directional sound' to guide people to emergency exits, the University has always been at the forefront of innovation.

The University places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling education in their chosen discipline. But, in addition to giving all undergraduates a solid academic foundation, the university also offers practical career advice and support so that graduates can use the knowledge and skills they acquire at Leeds to make the most of opportunities that life presents...

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