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University of Cyprus, CyprusUpon the accession of Cyprus in the European Union, the University of Cyprus will become an integral part of a unified academic area, an area that respects diversity and encourages multiculturalism without foisting homogeneity. We expect to contribute to the further shaping of the European academia, never losing sight of the fact that our integration will throw into higher relief our weaknesses or our difficulty in keeping abreast of the changes that are underway in most European Universities today.

Times are changing, and we must change along with them. In the competitive environment that is currently taking shape, what is challenged is our ability to adapt and response to change. The University of Cyprus is expected—to an extent wholly unparalleled so far—to think hard about its future, to generate new knowledge, to innovate, to cultivate young talents, to educate our youth so that they possess not only knowledge but also ethos and, above all, are endowed with creative and critical thought.

Our University's aims include the fostering of our research and teaching partnerships through strategic alliances with international institutions, increasing our international academic cooperation programmes, and participating in staff, and student, exchange programmes, and improving our ability to manage our resources efficiently and invest them wisely.

We take full advantage of modern technology, in order to avail ourselves of the opportunities offered in a united Europe. We strive for a continuous increase of our creativity and efficiency. The University of Cyprus is firmly on its way towards becoming an innovative, pioneering and effective institution, with a European orientation and high standards of excellence, acting as a catalyst of change and progress of Cypriot society.

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