Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Адрес: Sweden, SE-412, Goeteborg, 96
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Факс: +46 (31) 772 38 72
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Chalmers University of Technology, SwedenChalmers was founded in 1829. The university is named after the major benefactor, William Chalmers, one of the directors of the successful Swedish East India Company in Goeteborg.

The first president was the industrialist Carl Palmstedt. The link with industry and commerce has therefore been natural from the very beginning.

Thanks to Palmstedt's close friendship with the famous chemist Berzelius, Chalmers focused on science right from the start, a very unusual phenomenon for the time.

Chalmers University of Technology is a multifaceted academic and postgraduate university that conducts research and education across a wide front within the areas of technology, natural science and architecture. Our driving force is inspired by the joy of discovery and the desire for learning. Behind all that Chalmers accomplishes, the hope persists for participating in sustainable development — both nationally and globally.

Our research deals in the foremost with improving opportunities for humanity, and we frequently advance ourselves beyond traditional boundaries in order to solve the problems that will face us in the future. Chalmers has grown substantially within many scientific fields, and portions of our research are internationally forerunning. In the areas of bioscience, information technology, environmental science and nanotechnology, we are resolved to especially pursue the developing and strengthening of research.

Chalmers is a pioneer in Europe within the area of seed commercialization, and we have constructed a smoothly-functioning innovation system that facilitates our goal of converting applications within research into successful new businesses.

Chalmers strives formidably to constantly develop by means of opening doors to the outside world and encouraging innovative thinking. We maintain close and fruitful cooperative relationships with the business sector and society in general. Through these efforts, we strengthen our own development, and, at the same time, we contribute to the growth of society.

Chalmers was founded in 1829 as the result of a donation from the Director of the Swedish East India Company, William Chalmers. His forwardly optimistic motto, which remains ours today, is: "Avancez!"

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