INFN — National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy
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INFN — National Institute of Nuclear Physics, ItalyThe INFN — the National Institute of Nuclear Physics — is an organization dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter, and conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear, and astroparticle physics.

Fundamental research in these areas requires the use of cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation, which the INFN develops both in its own laboratories and in collaboration with the world of industry.

Moreover, the INFN promotes the application of the skills, methods, and experimental techniques developed in the course of its own research to research in other fields, such as medicine, artistic preservation, and environmental protection. These activities are conducted in close collaboration with the academic world.

Groups from the universities of Rome, Padua, Turin, and Milan founded the INFN on August 8, 1951 for the purpose of building upon the scientific tradition established during the 1930's by Enrico Fermi and his school, with their theoretical and experimental research in nuclear physics.

During the latter half of the 1950's, the INFN designed and constructed the first Italian accelerator the electron synchrotron developed in Frascati, the birthplace of the Institute's first national laboratory.

During the same period, the INFN began to participate in research into the construction and use of ever-more powerful accelerators being conducted at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva. Today, INFN researchers make important contributions to research not only in various European laboratories, but also in numerous research centers worldwide.

Research activity at the INFN is carried out at two complementary types of facilities: the Divisions (Sezioni) and the National Laboratories.

Each of the 19 Divisions is located at a university physics department. The Divisions thus provide a direct connection between the Institute and the academic world. The four Laboratories — in Catania, Frascati, Legnaro, and at Gran Sasso — are home to major facilities which are available to the national and international scientific community.

The INFN workforce includes about 2000 of its own employees, almost 2000 university employees involved in research conducted by the Institute, and 1300 young researchers, including undergraduate and graduate students and research fellows.

The organization of the INFN represents an effective balance between centralized and decentralized management and is the product of customs established and strengthened over the years. The main decisional body of the Institute is the Council of Directors, comprised of the President and the Executive Board; the Directors of the four National Laboratories and 19 Divisions; and representatives from other institutions.

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