Tohoku University, Japan
Адрес: Japan, Sendai
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Tohoku University, JapanTohoku University was founded in 1907 as the third imperial university, during the period when Japan had begun to transform itself into a modernized society. Since then, it has played a leading role in both research and education in Japan, and is now ranked among the top universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

From the start Tohoku University has maintained uniqueness within Japan. The university has always conceived strong loyalty to science while other former imperial universities have tried to meet the governmental needs. This has resulted in remarkable success in the University's own research and also the cultivation of brilliant students who have maintained a desire for science even after they left the university. A typical example, and probably the best known is Mr. Koichi Tanaka, the 2002 Nobel Prize laureate and a graduate of the class of 1983.

The university sees science as something to be used for the good of humanity. This has encouraged us to apply the most advanced scientific knowledge in various fields such as engineering, medicine, and law, to the needs of society. The university is widely regarded as one of the most active in industry-university cooperation in Japan.

We have also placed great emphasis on an "open door" policy. Tohoku University was the first national university to turn coeducational and there is a constant influx of large numbers of International students and scholars from all over the world. In April 2004, all national universities in Japan became incorporated body and therefore legally independent of the national government. We are firmly convinced that the key to success to this new organizational structure is our existing "open door" policy and in particular, our ambitious plans for continued transnational research collaboration and student exchange.

Tohoku University is located in the northern part of Honshu Island — the main island of Japan, in the City of Sendai. There are several campuses, fully equipped with everything necessary to a modern academic environment in scenic surroundings and a mild climate. Sendai itself is a historic port city, close to the mountains and permeated with woodland areas.

Tohoku University is situated in an extremely comfortable place to live and work and has some of the most friendly and exciting colleagues you will find in Japan.

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