Tel Aviv University, Israel
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Tel Aviv University (TAU) is a public research university — a definition that involves three fundamental elements that have shaped its development in the past and that are shaping its direction in the future.

University: As an institute of higher education with a universal nature, Tel Aviv University offers the widest range of teaching and research fields in Israel, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in its study and research programs.

Research university: Tel Aviv University aims to achieve two goals at the same time — teaching and research. Recruitment and advancement of the academic faculty, academic planning, allocation of resources, study programs for advanced degrees — everything is aimed at these two combined goals.

Public university: Tel Aviv University believes that this status involves a deep commitment to Israeli society and the Jewish people. It took action accordingly when, during the 1990s, it helped absorb the great wave of former Soviet immigrant students and scientists, and it continues to take action today on behalf of different sectors of society. The University is a pioneer in Israel in affirmative action, wide-scale community programs, and programs intended to promote relations between Israel and the Diaspora.

In every field and with every objective, Tel Aviv University strives for quality and service of the highest standards. Members of our academic staff have won international recognition and many of them are considered to be world leaders in their field of research. The best students in Israel seek to gain an education and a profession at TAU and to enjoy the free and lively atmosphere of the University and the city of Tel Aviv. The skillful and talented administrative staff provides the administrative and technical infrastructure. The entire university community is aware of our aspirations: academic excellence together with social responsibility.

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