Институт математики им. Альфреда Реньи, Венгерская академия наук, Будапешт, Венгрия
Адрес: Венгрия, Будапешт, Reáltanoda ul., 13-15
Телефон: +36 (1) 483 83 00
Факс: +36 (1) 483 83 33
Персоналий: 23
Авторов: 28
Публикаций: 28

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The principal purpose of the Institute is to perform high level research in mathematics and its applications, concentrating on theoretical studies inspired partly by the internal development of mathematics and partly by applications of mathematics in other sciences. The scientific output of the Institute is well certified by the research papers published by its research fellows in leading international mathematical journals. The Institute also participates in applied research by cooperating with industrial enterprises.

In addition to research, the Institute provides active support for mathematics education from the undergraduate level to graduate and beyond, as well as aims to contribute to progress of mathematical culture in general. In particular, its research fellows teach at various universities of the country, participate in postgraduate education and provide for professional development of mathematicians working at other institutions. Starting the academic year 2001/2002 a new PhD program has been launched by the Institute jointly with the Cental European University.

To promote high level research and education, the Institute often hosts programs of shorter duration such as workshops and conferences, summer schools, as well as regularly scheduled seminars. It also organizes postgraduate courses, publishes textbooks and offers visiting research positions.

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