Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
Адрес: Turkey, TR-35430, Urla-Izmir, Gülbahçe Köyü
Телефон: +90 (232) 750 60 00
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Demir Durmus Ali
Гюркан З Н
Пашаев Октай Камал Оглы
Франсиско М Л

The İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) is a state university that places emphasis on research and graduate and undergraduate education in fields relevant to science and technology and on interdisciplinary studies. Like its international counterparts such as The Massachussetts Institute of Technology, the Institute adopts the organisational scheme of institutions of advanced education and intensive research oriented toward science and technology. It was founded by central government to be a centre of excellence in science and technology. In keeping with the Institute's international identity and mission, the language of instruction is English.

The İzmir Institute of Technology is a state institution established in 1992 as the third university in the city of Izmir. Graduate education commenced in 1994. The first undergraduate students were admitted in fall 1998. In fall semester 2004, academic staff numbers 388, adiministrative staff 282. Current undergraduate matriculation is 1230, graduate students number 620. The Institute comprises a community of scientists, scholars and students, come together to explore, discover, create and produce at the vanguard of contemporary knowledge and industry. It is a centre of study and research serving the needs of human society. It welcomes and encourages the collaboration of all dedicated scientists and scholars who, through the process of research and reflection, contribute to these aims in an atmosphere of academic competence collegiality fostering scientific freedom and initiative. The founders' vision includes the use, development, and production of advanced technology. In keeping with that vision, the Institute's educational mission involves research in co-operation with the industry. It seeks the education of the entire scientist: profoundly aware of state-of-the-art research, engaged in actual technological production, and conscious of social responsibility. The campus technopark aims at establishing a firm link between education, training, and industrial research. A fundamental part of the founders' vision, the technopark houses production units with research and development facilities. The focus at the Institute is on interdisciplinary education, offering major and minor programme options for competent students. In accordance with the Institute's mission to explore and produce in an international framework, the language of instruction is English. Entering students with insufficient knowledge of English attend one year of Preparatory English School intended to lend fluency in professional and social life. Technical English and writing classes are available throughout the curricula for continued improvement and effective integration in the international academic community.

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