Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Адрес: Czech Republic, CZ-250 68, Rez
Телефон: +420 (220) 94 11 47
Факс: +420 (220) 94 11 30
Авторов: 10
Публикаций: 15

Персоналии: Kochan Denis
Siegl Petr
Znojil Miloslav
Амброзова Ива
Зборовски Имрих
Знойил Милослав
Турек Карел

Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech RepublicNuclear Physics Institute ASCR performs the research in a wide range of nuclear physics, both experimental and theoretical. Especially nuclear beta decays including neutrino mass problem, reactions of light and middle nuclei at low energies, heavy ion collisions at intermediate and high energies are studied. Nuclear theory is devoted to nuclear structure, hypernuclei, interactions of elementary particles with nuclei, mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclei. Selected problems of theoretical subnuclear physics and mathematical physics are studied. Neutron diffraction is used particularly in the solid state physics and material research. Dosimetry of ionising radiation is oriented to the measurements of environmental and professional expositions, metrology and biophysical aspects like DNA radiation damages. Wide complex of nuclear analytical methods using charged particles as well as neutrons beams is developed and used in an interdisciplinary research together with external specialist on chemistry, ecology, medicine, archaeology etc. Research, development and production of radiopharmaceuticals, especially short lived positron emitters for positron emission tomography is performed. Physics of the perspective methods of nuclear energetics like accelerator driven transmutation technologies are studied.

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