Bogazici University, Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey
Адрес: Turkey, 34342, Bebek, Istanbul
Телефон: +90 (212) 359 54 00
Факс: +90 (212) 265 63 57
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Персоналии: Say Ahmet Celal Cem
Yakaryilmaz Abuzer
Акарун Лале
Афшер Хюсейн
Делич Хакан
Еден Альп
Шефтель Михаил Борисович

Bogazici University, Bebek, Istanbul, TurkeyThe University has expanded both physically and academically. One faculty and six institutes offering graduate programs have been added. Many of the University's buildings are located on its South Campus, with the Bosphorus and the historical castle of Rumelihisar as its boundary to the east. This campus encompasses the oldest buildings of the University. The completion of the Main Library, the Science and Engineering Laboratories Building, the Faculty of Education Building, the Men's Residence Hall II, the Women's Residence Hall II and the Educational Technology Building has enhanced the North Campus. The Kandilli Campus, housing the observatory, was incorporated into the University in 1982, and the Hisar Campus in 1989. The University now has a lodging complex for the staff a residence hall and a large athletic complex on the Ucaksavar Campus. A resort near Kilyos on the Black Sea coast, called Saritepe Campus, was acquired in 1985, where a new complex of buildings is under construction. Also under constrution is an ultramodern dormitory ("superdorm"), the most developed student housing complex in Turkey.

It can safely be concluded that the sound academic traditions of Robert College form the nucleus of Bogazici University, with its expanding campus and inreasing popularity.

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