Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Republic of China
Адрес: Republic of China, 100080, Beijing
Телефон: +86 (10) 625 53 063
Факс: +86 (10) 625 41 829
Персоналий: 8
Авторов: 4
Публикаций: 5

Персоналии: Chen Yifei
Huang Ruizhi
Luo Sanzhong
Ван Юфей
Ли Нань
Ло Шунь Лун [Луо Ш Л]
Си Нанхуа
Фу Шуан Шуан

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), founded in December 1998, is integrated with Institute of Mathematics (established in 1952), Institute of Applied Mathematics (established in 1979), Institute of Systems Science (established in 1979) and Institute of Computational Mathematics and Science/Engineering Computing. Professor Yang Lo (Member of CAS) was the first president of AMSS, and Professor Guo Lei (Member of CAS) is the current president. AMSS is a national comprehensive academic research center of mathematics and systems science. The strategic objectives of AMSS are to make important, original and pivotal research results, and to bring up academic leads and talents in the field of mathematics and systems science, gearing the research to the international scientific frontiers and the national strategic demands. The target of AMSS is to make a great influential research center in the world, a famous training center for advanced researchers, and an important researching and consulting center for national economy and the construction of national defense issues in the field of Mathematics and Systems Science.

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