University of California, Berkeley, Department of Mathematics, United States of America
Адрес: United States of America, 94720-3840, Berkeley, CA, Evans Hall, 970
Телефон: +1 (510) 642 65 50
Факс: +1 (510) 642 82 04
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The Department of Mathematics at Berkeley is generally recognized as one of the broadest, liveliest, and most distinguished departments of mathematics in the world. With 58 regular faculty members representing most of the major fields of current research, 150 graduate students, 600 upper-division undergraduate majors, one of the finest mathematics libraries in the nation, and with the good fortune to be situated in a favorable climate in one of America's most exciting and cosmopolitan centers for mathematics research and teaching, Berkeley has become a favorite location for the study of mathematics by students and faculty from all over the world.

Since 1925, when the quality of its mathematics faculty was ranked eleventh in the nation by the American Council of Education, Berkeley has improved dramatically, reaching fourth place in 1957, and second place in 1964. It achieved an unsurpassed ranking in 1970. The ranking was reaffirmed in the most recent 1995 survey.

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