Tomsk State University, Russia
Address: Russia, 634050, Tomsk, pr. Lenina, 36
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Number of persons: 940
Number of authors: 996
Number of publications: 1633

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  • Maier, Georgii Vladimirovich
  • Makarov, Pavel Vasil'evich
  • Makarova, Irina Alekseevna
  • Makushkin, Yurii Semenovich
  • Malinkovskii, Yurii Vladimirovich
  • Malyarenko, Anna Aleksandrovna
  • Malyutina, Aleksandra Nikolaevna
  • Mamontov, Dmitriy Vladimirovich
  • Mamontov, Gennadii Yakovlevich
  • Manankov, Anatolii Vasilevich
  • Manashev, Il'dar Nailevich
  • Manekina, Yu A
  • Margolis, N Yu
  • Markov, A S
  • Martsenko, Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
  • Martsenko, Maksim Sergeevich
  • Martynov, Pavel Sergeevich
  • Martyushev, Semen Grigor'evich
  • Matrosova, Anzhela Yur'evna
  • Matveev, Ivan Vasil'evich
  • Matvienko, Oleg Viktorovich
  • Matyeva, Zarina Olegovna
  • Mazepa, Evgeniy Evgen'evich
  • Medvedev, Andrei Valer'evich
  • Mel'nikova, Vera Nikolayevna
  • Menshchikova, Tat'yana Viktorovna
  • Menshikov, Mikhail
  • Men'shikova, T V
  • Men'shov, Vladimir Nikolaevich
  • Merkulova, Nina Nikolaevna
  • Merzlyakov, Aleksandr Vladimirovich
  • Metalnikova, Anastasiya Igorevna
  • Mikhailenko, Stepan A.
  • Mikhailov, Mikhail Dmitrievich
  • Mikheev, P A
  • Mikolaichuk, Mihail Alexandorvich
  • Mikushina, Valentina Alekseevna
  • Miloshenko, Aleksandr Viktorovich
  • Milovanov, Timofei Igorevich
  • Minaev, Boris Filippovich
  • Minkov, Leonid Leonidovich
  • Min'kova, Natalia Petrovna
  • Min'kova, Natalya Romanovna
  • Mironenko, Ol'ga Leonidovna
  • Miroshnichenko, Igor' Valer'evich
  • Miroshnichenko, Vladimir Viktorovich
  • Mishcharina, Elena Yuryevna
  • Misyakov, Viktor Mikhailovich
  • Misyakova, Anastasiya Viktorovna
  • Mizin, Anatolii Georgievich
  • Moiseev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich
  • Moiseev, Dmitrii Mikhailovich
  • Moiseeva, Kseniya Mikhailovna
  • Moiseeva, Svetlana Petrovna
  • Molokova, Kristina Sergeevna
  • Monasevich, L A
  • Mordovskoi, Andrei Konstantinovich
  • Morozov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich
  • Moskvichev, Evgeny Nikolaevich
  • Mosman, E A
  • Mudarisov, R R
  • Murzina, Aleksandra Ivanovna
  • Murzintseva, Alena Andreevna
  • Myagkov, Mikhail Georgievich
  • Tomsk State University, RussiaTomsk University was the first in Siberia. In fact, it initiated higher education in Siberia. In 1888 only one department-of medicine- was opened into which 72 students were admitted. Ten years later the second department — law enrolled the first law students. The department of physics and mathematics and the departments of history, philology and philosophy were opened only in 1917.

    Today Tomsk State University is a major university with a wide range of educational and research activities. It hosts 12.000 undergraduates. 7.500 of whom are full-time students. About 3.000 lectures are involved in training. The University offers numerous career options. There are 24 departments here. It incorporates 4 research institutes, 6 museums, a library and a botanical garden. The university is continually expending, offering new speciality fields and new courses.



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    • Tomsk State University
    • Tomsk State University V.V.Kuibyshev
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